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Analytics for the average Joe

I am a blogger and also a small business owner.

As a blogger, my interest in analytics is primarily to see how my blogs are performing. I also want to see what improvements are effective, which articles are popular and take actions based on objective information and data.

As a small business owner, I want to measure my activities, whether marketing, web promotion, lead generation or sales. Without spending too much money and time, improve my business based on actionable data.

The question then is, given the limited exposure and knowledge to analytic, how can a part-timer (like a blogger or small business owner) use tools and techniques to help them in their decisions and actions?

Take Google Analytics for example. It is free and choked full of features. But it takes time and patient to learn.

What about techniques? The average joe user may be able to read some bar and pie charts. But are they equiped with the knowledge to design test and experiment?

The answer I believe is to start learning and doing. Take small steps, use simple tools, design simple test.

Do you have some success story or tips to share?

2 Responses to “Analytics for the average Joe”

  • Ken: I think you have the right idea, start small with what you know or can get your hands on and then interate and get more complex. I wrote a post recently on what small business owners can do in terms of reporting, from free tools, that might be helpful to them. Take a look if you have a moment:

    Tips for Web Analytics Success for Small Businesses

    For blogs my tip is to try if you have not already tried them. I really like them becuase I can get real time data from them in a nice way. It gives me adsense and other marketing stuff and commet and post views and much more.

    PS: Checked out your other blogs as well. Nice. Good luck with seekingrevenue. Now I just have to figure out how to get you to link my blog from all your other blogs so I can get famous with your 59ideas !! :)

  • I have Google Analytics and Performancing. I look at the figures and go “Now what?”

    There are some success. Once I tried one of the tips and it gave me a burst of traffic.

    I find that Performancing gave me what I already know. It is nice as a confirmation and the presentation as you said.

    You are welcome to leave comments with links like this one on the other blogs. :)

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